Communicate means expressing an idea or a concept in a clear, direct manner and communication must change depending on the recipient and the scenario.

So, to be effective in our communications, we do need, to focus concepts, to draw a text up in order to make them available to everyone, even paying attention to the chosen media.

Asgard can redact, correct, optimize or remix your italian-spoken communication texts  in the following areas:

  • SEO optimized texts to publish on your website;
  • Single web pages;
  • dépliant, brochures, printouts, catalogues;
  • flyers and informational pages;
  • e-mail, newsletters and accompanying letters;
  • redational articles and blog contents.

Copywriting: drawing up web texts

In the written expression – albeit spoken – of a concept, it is essential to pay great attention to grammar, spelling, syntax and linguistic style. An untrusted web site in these aspects is sloppy, not very authoritative, unreliable and can hinder your company’s online success.

While writing textual content for the web, great attention should be paid to multiple details, such as division into paragraphs, the correct succession of headings, bulleted and numbered lists, keywords and text links that facilitate reading on the screen, as well as represent an added value for SEO search engine optimization.

Asgard can take care of the correction and optimization of texts already published on your site or to prepare new customized texts already drafted and optimized in an SEO perspective.