Everyone, to to surf the web and find useful information for or work or leisure, uses – every day, dozens of time a day – one or more Search Engine Services.

Search engines are based on notorious programs so-called algorithms, rating methods which rank each listed site within a certain score. The score is calculated on not publicly known values, which consider several signals from the site, such as the amount of published pages, the site speed, the content overall relevancy, the user location, his search habits and dozens of signals more.

Thanks to search algorithms, our searches on engines like Google or Bing are even more relevant, precise and rich.

What ranking is made by

To rank a website, before of iOS and Android operating systems and their relate devices era, the signals considered as “valuable” by Google and Bing, were – according with Google speakers – over two hundred. Nowadays, the web evolution and the increasingly more pervasive Internet, have grown the ranking signals to thousands. So, to keep company marketing policies effective, it becomes vital to consider improving the website position on search engines results pages (the so-called “SERP”).

Asgard offers analisys and optimization sevices to allow the organic ranking of your website, either – first of all – analyzing and eventualling getting rid of bottlenecks and problems and, next, tuning or creating brand new website text contents ready for the SEO and the SERP climbing.

Optimizing texts is the best affordable method to gain or improve durable, long lasting SEO ranking and first positions in the SERP.

Asgard SEO

  • We analize your website and discover structural lacks;
  • We identify your best ranking competitors;
  • We create keywords and related concepts lists to improve your website ranking;
  • We create brand new texts or optimize your ones, according to words and concepts detected during the previous step;
  • We work on your website, optimizing titles and page attributes, adding relevant and natural keywords in the right places on page (title, description, alternate image text, link title)

Want to know more? Contact us! We will check your website offering you a preliminary SEO analisys of your website.